Day 2:
Emotions list: (
Day 3: The Struggle Switch:
Avoidance worksheet:
Demons on a Boat:

Day 4: 3 Minute Mindful Breathing exercise:

Day 5: Mindful Eating exercise: written:

Or this audio version:
Try walking mindfulness
When taking a shower, pay careful attention to the sensation of showering. 
Bringing Mindfulness to your chores:

Day 6:

Day 7: 

article by a Sports Psychologist:

Day 8
Here’s an exercise that can help us when we are feeling clean pain:
And if you like story examples here’s two:

Day 9:
How stress affects our physical health:

Gottman Institute: how to counteract flooding
Flooding Questionnaire:

The Freeze Response: This is a great video showing how the freeze response actually saves lives:

Day 10:
Russ Harris’  Explanation

Another Russ Harris Video-on the two parts of the nervous system:

Day 12: Tapping:
Day 13:
How TV makes us stressed:
Another nice resource on relaxation:
An interesting video on stress relief:

Day 14:
The opposite of addiction is connection:
Connection immuizes us to distress:
TED talk-everything you know about addiction is wrong:

Day 15:

Matt and Anna:
Automatic Thoughts:
 And just for fun a short clip from “Dan in Real Life”-do you see any distortions going on?

 Cognitive Restructuring Activity: T

Day 16
Leaves on a Stream: One of my favorites:

Passengers on the bus:

Tug of war with thoughts:

The Unwelcome party guest:

Russ Harris has written a great article with some great exercises that you should check out:

Day 18
Values vs. Goals:

Day 19: 3 Happiness Myths:

Day 21:
Stop it Bob Newhart:
Day 22:
3 Minute version:
A 14 minute Audio Version:

 Progressive Muscle Relaxation: The antidote to the physical tension brought on by stress is physical relaxation.

Grounding- so many excellent activites:

Day 23:
Another Values assignment- go into more depth about the kind of person you want to be.

The Choice-More Towards :

Day 24:

Don’t burden others or your experiences with shoulds either.
“Expectation leads to disappointment”- Aaron Ralston (The guy who had to cut off his own arm in 127 hours)

Day 25
The Willinginess and Action Plan:

Day 26
“You are not Depressed”:

“Be Like the Board”- not the pieces:

Day 28:

Day 29
Watch 30 seconds of this video:

Now watch this short clip- pay attention to their breathing:

Here’s one more example:
Here’s a video of someone doing it:
Video describing the diaphragm
UCLA Mindfulness Activities:

The Science of Breathing:


Day 30:
Good research on gratitude practice
And excellent story about Gratitude: Corrie Ten Boom

St. Francis’ prayer

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