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Do you have Terminal Insomnia?

Do you have a hard time staying asleep? You might have Terminal Insomnia! But don’t worry, while insomnia stinks, Terminal Insomnia isn’t really fatal. Today we are going to talk about a few tricks that might help.

Almost all of my clients with mood disorders like depression or anxiety have difficulty with sleeping.

Insomnia is a big problem for many people and can be influenced by many things: Anxiety, Depression, exercise, diet, and physical problems including Sleep apnea and thyroid disorders- so if you have a persistent problem with sleeping you can work with a Doctor and Therapist to resolve many of those problems. Today we are just going to talk about a few tricks that can be helpful when trying to fall asleep or stay asleep.

First let’s define the terms: Initial insomnia means having a hard time falling asleep, Middle Insomina means you wake up in the middle of the night, and,,, my personal nemesis: Terminal Insomina means you wake up too early at the end of the night.

Now here are Five things you can try:

  1. A glass of warm milk: For whatever reason, a glass of warm milk has been shown to be quite effective in helping people fall asleep-Whether it’s the Tryptophan or the comforting association with your mother from when you were a baby-it doesn’t matter because it often works

2. Journal-brain dump:: If your racing mind keeps you up, Try keeping a journal near your bed, take a few minutes to write down everything that is rolling around in your mind. Something about writing it down helps the brain close the book on it for the night.

3. Mindful breathing: Check out my upcoming video for more on this, but basically one way we can help our body calm down is by turning our attention to our physical sensations. What does it feel like to breathe? What do you notice about your breathing? Which parts of your body feel calm? Heavy? Like they are sinking into the mattress? Each time you catch your mind wandering just gently bring it back to noticing your breath.

4. Gratitude: Worry and Anxiety are often about scarcity- “I don’t have enough time” or “What if we run out of diapers?” We can counteract those feelings by intentionally focusing our mind on abundance-what we do have-.... Get yourself comfortable and start making a mental list of everything you’re grateful for... It keeps your mind engaged in a gentle and uplifting distraction that often leads to drowsiness. And even if it doesn’t help you fall asleep this time, Gratitude practice has been shown to have a positive impact on Mental Health.

5. My last advice: Listen to boring book on tape or The Old Testament read aloud. Again-if your mind is running around trying to solve all your problems at work while you’re in your pajamas, a gentle distraction might be just the ticket. Put your headphones in, put the volume to as low as you can barely hear it and try hard to pay attention while you lay in bed. Check out the link in the the description for free audio.

Check out my future videos on Sleep hygiene, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness and more!

Hope this is helpful, thanks for watching and Take Care!

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