Change your Brain Chemistry without Medication-Neuroplasticity

Recent research in the field of neuroplasticity has demonstrated that you can change your brain chemistry by changing how you think.

Neuroplasticity basically means that your brain is easily shapeable and moldable, that you can actually change it's structure, how it functions and your brain chemistry by engaging in Therapy like CBT- (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

People often assume that because mental illness like depression and anxiety show up in the body, that they are caused by a biological factor, but in many cases that is the effect rather than the cause of mental illness.

And medication isn't the only treatment option for these biological differences, changing how you act and how you think actually physically changes the brain. In this video excerpt from my course I explain the basics of neuroplasticity and how we can use that to better understand and treat depression and anxiety.

You can change your brain! Check out my online course "Change your Brain: 10 alternatives to medication to change Brain Chemistry" it's packed with ways you can improve your mental health through simple changes that take minutes a day:

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