New Online Course: Coping Skills and Self-Care for Mental Health

Ryan and I just finished a huge sprint to produce a new course: It's all about Coping Skills and Self-Care for mental health. It's on sale for 5 days for $9.99 on Udemy which a bunch cheaper than paying some therapist to teach you this stuff :)

When you’re super emotional the thinking part of your brain essentially shuts down. That’s why when you’re upset you say things or do things that you later regret.

Welcome to The Coping Skills and Self-Care Course.

In this course you’re going to learn what most people don’t teach about coping skills- that they don’t really work on their own. That’s because coping skills need to be used in conjunction with emotion processing and self care skills in order to create lasting change. In this course you’ll learn essential skills to manage intense emotions, calm the stress response, and develop a self-care practice that keeps you from burning out.

This course is for anyone who’s struggling with intense feelings of Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Stress, or Discouragement. Most people only have one or two skills to deal with emotions- like eating, venting or avoiding them. Within the first 30 minutes you’ll learn dozens of strategies to manage those intense feelings and help you calm down when emotions run high.

By the end of the course you’ll know over a hundred ways you can self-soothe or cope with emotions. In the first section of this course you’ll learn about four different types of Coping Skills:

  1. Emotion Coping Skills,

  2. Relaxation Skills,

  3. Sensory Coping skills, and

  4. Distraction Coping Skills.

Each section will have an explanation, a list of skills, and an exercise you can try.

In the second section of this course you’ll learn about Self-Care, creating habits that lead to a sustainable life. You’ll learn to take care of your body and mind in a way that renews your energy, resolves emotions, improves relationships and helps you move forward with joy and purpose.

Coping skills and self care work together to help you handle all that life has to throw at you. Coping skills help you feel better in the short term, and can keep you from acting impulsively. They are essential when you’re overwhelmed with intense emotions. But, to be most effective and to find lasting solutions to problems, they need to be paired with Self-Care skills. In this course, you’ll learn about both.

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