3 Minute Stress Management-Reduce Stress with this Short Activity

OK, so quick reminder...Stress is the aspect of anxiety that we feel in our body. Worry is about thoughts, but stress is how our muscles get tense, our breathing gets tight, it makes you ache or makes your hands sweat, stress is the physiological response to perceived danger.

So when your brain perceives a threat, whether it’s a tiger or an upcoming deadline, your brain triggers that fight, flight or freeze response. But we can train our mind and body to be calm by doing little activities that regulate the nervous system, and it’s best if we do these throughout the day.

Now for people who work in manual labor jobs, stress reduction may look like resting on the couch, but for people who spend much of their day frozen at their computer, reducing stress is probably going to be most effective if we incorporate movement...so here goes…

Before you begin, take a minute to rate your degree of physical tightness on a scale of 0-10.

3 minute stress management exercise

  • Take a deep breath. Keep breathing deeply throughout this exercise.

  • bring your shoulders up to your ears and drop them back down.

  • Now gently tilt your head forward, back, side to side.

  • Now shake out your arms and hands. One arm and then the other. And let them soften.

  • Feel your feet on the floor (Don’t forget to take deep belly breaths).

  • Shake out your legs. Wiggle out one leg and then the other. And then feel them ground.

  • Smile a little.

  • Do a forward fold- bend at the hips and let your upper body just dangle for a few seconds.

  • Gently shake to stand upright.

That’s it!

Now rate your tightness? Was this helpful?

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